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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shades does Tiska offer?

Tiska offers a range of vibrant and intense shades that are perfect for those who love bold and daring looks.

Are Tiska cosmetics safe for the skin?

Yes, Tiska cosmetics are non-toxic and free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, making them safer for your skin.

Where are Tiska cosmetics made?

Tiska cosmetics are proudly made domestically in India, so you can be assured of their quality and authenticity.

Do Tiska cosmetics products blend easily?

Yes, Tiska cosmetics products offer easy blend and smooth texture that will help you achieve a natural-looking, soft matte finish.

Are Tiska cosmetics long-lasting?

Yes, Tiska cosmetics products are smudge-proof, water-resistant, and long-lasting, making them perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle.

What is the texture of Tiska cosmetics?

Tiska cosmetics products are formulated with fine textures and striking shimmers to enhance your natural beauty without appearing overly made up.

Do Tiska cosmetics offer a flawless finish?

Yes, Tiska cosmetics products, such as the compact powder in their range, help to blur imperfections and give you a flawless appearance.

Do Tiska cosmetics offer waterproof products?

Yes, Tiska cosmetics offer waterproof products that are designed to keep you looking great all day long.